electric barracuda

Width: 900 mm
Height: 1000 mm

Length: 1900 mm

Manual Machines

Electric Barracuda 2.0

Unique, innovative, revolutionizes the world of the Beach Cleaner
Entirely electric, it uses no combustible fuel and therefore has no exhaust emissions.
Beach cleaner equipped with two forward speeds and a reverse gear.
Battery life of about 3 hours of work.
The electric Barracuda is designed to ensure efficiency and technology in the service of the environment; thanks to its state-of-the-art operation, it can clean beaches of plastic pollution even while collecting microplastics.


BARRACUDA all-electric beach cleaner 2.0 has two forward and reverse speeds. Working autonomy about 3 hours.
It is suitable for cleaning small and medium-sized beaches. The machine is maneuverable and is very suitable for working in small spaces, such as under umbrellas, due to its low structure. Operation is through movement transmitted by the tracks. The machine is equipped with a fixed blade that, at the required depth and for a width of 90 cm, collects sand and debris.


These are conveyed to a vertically moving sieve, which allows the waste to be deposited in a collection container and the clean sand to fall out.
The waste container, when full, can be removed from its seat very easily and quickly. Two types of sieves are supplied with the machine: one with a finer mesh and one with a larger mesh, which are easily interchangeable


At your bathing establishment.

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