Width: 890 mm
Height: 900 mm

Length: 1950 mm
Weight: 180 kg

Manual Machines

Electric Delfino 2.0

Unique, surprisingly innovative, revolutionizes the world of beach cleaners.
All-electric uses no combustible fuel and therefore has no exhaust emissions.
Battery life of about 3 hours of work. With its cutting-edge technology, it offers efficiency and precision in the service of the environment. Delfino 2.0 is designed with sustainability in mind, thanks to its method of operation it is able to clean the sand of microplastics and waste, with zero emissions.


Working width 75 cm.
Working depth 0 to 10 cm
Working capacity 2500 sqm/h

The machine is a small self-propelled machine that is suitable for operating in small spaces. The machine is operated by a loading roller that carries sand and debris in a sieve, the width of the machine,

a transverse motion that allows debris to be deposited in a waste collection basket and clean sand to fall out. The operator, to maneuver the Beach Cleaner, does not need to make any kind of effort as he simply needs to direct it, and even for working in small spaces he can move quickly. Two types of grids are given with the Beach Cleaner one with fine mesh and one with larger mesh.


At your bathing establishment.

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