Width: 1050 mm
Height: 1300 mm

Length: 2300 mm
Weight: 500 kg

Machines Man On Board


Champion Performance

Compact and maneuverable, it stands out for its ease of use
Equipped with a Honda 22 hp engine
Working depth from 0 to 10 cm, for a working width of 100 cm.
Working capacity about 6000 sq m/h
Nemo is also suitable for operating on beaches where there are large wastes


Nemo is a fully hydrostatic man-on-board beach cleaner that is extremely maneuverable and practical to use even in tight spaces. It is steered through the use of two joysticks that allow adjustment of speed, direction and working depth. The machine is equipped with a fixed blade that, at the required depth and for a width of 100 cm, collects sand and debris. These are conveyed onto a vertically moving sieve, which allows the waste to be deposited in a collection container and the clean sand to fall out.

The waste container, when full, can be removed from its seat very easily and quickly. Two types of sieves are supplied with the stain: one with a finer mesh and one with a larger mesh, which are easily interchangeable. The motor is equipped with an oil alert device that allows the motor to be shut down in case the oil runs out. The machine can be equipped with accessories such as a rear rake and also a cart for transporting various objects.



At your bathing establishment.

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